Enjoyable Game Drive​

Game Drives

Our game drives are one of the most enjoyable activities. Game drives enable you explore the most protected areas with all their attractions. The activity is popular in the endless Ishasha plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Forest National Park. It involves Chimpanzee tracking, birding, boat cruise, Nature walks. This is because the region hosts the richest number of Uganda wildlife.
Game Drive Circuits include;

Ishasha game drive circuit
Kasenyi drive circuit
Channel drive circuit
Crater drive circuit

Tree Climbing Lions

This only happens in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The only other place in the world where you see this is in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Else where, lions do not climb trees. Ishasha is one of those tourist places which is very famous mostly for its tree climbing lions. Lions keep the whole day climbing trees or resting. Ishasha has a very beautiful sight you will find nowhere else in Africa. Most of them will be in the sycamore fig trees along with the acacia trees. These trees are big enough to offer as much support and shelter to the tree climbing lions as they need, especially in the rainy season. One of the things you are most likely to find amazing in Ishasha is the fact that the manes of the male lions are black.

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